OG3 Underground Hip-Hop Show with Cheese N Pot-C (formerly Pot-C and KFC)
Osumi FM Network Thursdays at 23:00 PM Japan Standard Time
7:00 AM Pacific Time (8:00 AM on Daylight Saving Time)

To listen to Osumi FM - click here and then click the big button in the content box under the menu. Even if your computer doesn't support Japanese text it should be pretty straight forward.

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101 - Original Air Dates: 15-02-19 & 15-02-26


Nuthin' Bout Tha Weather - Cheese N Pot-C
Out Of Destruction - Cheese
Nuday - Pot-C
Withdrawl - dead prezidentz choice
Other Planets - Axis Of Evil
Wretched Momentary Advantage - Kanoya Olds